Indian Council of Accreditation & Assessment

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Welcome to ICAA

Indian Council of Accreditation & Assessment (ICAA)

ICAA is an autonomous, accrediting agency, a private association assessing private training and coaching institutes offering technical, professional, and vocational coaching and training services and programs.

As we know, accreditation plays an important role in survival and success of an institute. It is a seal of authentication, a benchmark of excellence for an institute validating to people who wish to avail of their services, that the institute has qualified professors, appropriate study material and course modules to offer superior educational environment for students enrolling with them. Besides, it also has suitable equipment and technology, and abides by policies with regard to recruitment and admission.

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Head of Committee compiles a final report inclusive of all comments that in turn is submitted to Accreditation Body on which Seal of Approval is awaited

Accreditation exercise, generally headed by chairman of the committee who is assigned the job compiles a final docket and sends to ICAA Main Body. The purpose of this Report is to present a clear and factual picture to the Accrediting Commission comprising a set of succinct and accurate reports, compilation of findings done by the Verifiers team.

Content of the All Inclusive Report :

This compilation offers a collective view of the findings of Committee members and subject specialists on the policies, conditions, and practices of the institution vis-à-vis published standards for accredited institutions to get a fair view at a glance. The Head’s Report also contains findings, comments, recommendations of the Subject Specialist reports, response of Institution to such comments or steps taken by them to set things in order by the institutions etc. The report is all inclusive and can generate Macro as well as Micro view, depending on what one seeks.

Institute receives a copy of report before it is forward to Accreditation Board and is given a time window to resolve final issues:

It is ensured that this On-Site Report is sent to institute 4 weeks before it is forwarded to the head of commission to review, comment, and respond before the Accrediting Commission suggestions measures and action. It provides the institution with a window to respond to Committee findings and bring into notice any corrective actions that are taken post the visit/comment. The institution has about a fortnight at its disposal to take corrective measures or resolve issues raised by head of committee, so that every problem is ironed out before the report reaches Accreditation body for final approval.

Report Reaches Table of Accreditation Board for Final Announcement of ICAA Verdict:

The board meets to view all reports collectively with or without the team as deemed fit. They go through students survey findings, various reports submitted by commission at every stage of progress, including on-site visit report, comments, objections raised by the committee, action taken by institutes as corrective measures, and any other report compiled by members at various stages.

Based on their findings, insight, and observation ICAA announces the decision:

If they are satisfied with institute’s standard and quality they give their seal of approval if institute is new; if this was an application of renewal, renewal is approved. Accredit, or continue accreditation with a pre-condition that the institution agrees to meet within one year, or as agreed by ICAA failing which ICAA has a right to take action. If all reports are not submitted as per procedure, the accreditation can be put on hold, till ICAA deems fit, such period need not exceed one year or as agreed The last option is that ICAA board may reject or deny accreditation request of an applicant, or in case of an existing accredited institute withdraw accreditation from an accredited institution if they have failed to comply or do not meet standards set by ICAA. There are instances when ICAA board deems it suitable to grant an extension of time on a deferral and/or accreditation that may have conditions attached to it.

Accreditation Approval Notification Duly Conveyed to Institute:

After accreditation decision is finalized, the ICAA board formally notifies the institution within 15 days. If the ICAA has rejected the case, or has decided to withdraw Accreditation from existing institute for any reason what so ever, the institution is notified in this case also, albeit along with a statement clarifying the reasons for rejection. Rejected institution has a right to appeal or request reconsideration of the decision to the ICAA board.The ICAA takes such hearings on a priority and does all that is within its reach to resolve the issue. If an institution is denied accreditation or if accreditation is withdrawn, in such a situation it is mandatory for the institution to reapply after a period of one year from the date rejection or denial decision. After one year such institutes can apply afresh, with fee, new and latest documentation at all.

Accreditation Status of Institute & its Course Goes Live on ICAA Website

Once a course of an Institute gets recognition as an accredited course it goes live on the ICAA website. Any student wanting to verify simply has to visit ICAA website and put registration or identification number of the course to view all the details about institute, tis course etc. All judgments of the ICAA Board are final and binding.

Our vision encompasses overall development of the professionals who would become the torchbearer of financial planning revolution. We strive to impart management education to prepare business leaders and entrepreneurs to stand up to global competition. Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of performance through total commitment and exceptional effort.

The vision of ICAA is to become India’s foremost centre of excellence for imparting management education of the highest quality in International Business.

We look to imbibe modern management techniques in young managers.

To provide programs that meet educational needs identified by industry, government and other institutions. Our aim is to provide and maintain an emphasis on continuous improvement of programs and services. To nurture young minds by effective training in the concerned subject, guiding them and giving them a strong foundation for a successful career. We believe that it is not enough for a student to pass an examination. His knowledge must become an asset in building his career & ultimately contributing to nation building.

Our mission is to impart and disseminate knowledge through innovative and flexible higher education system, for empowering the learning community as globally acceptable professionals. Contribute significantly to Indian corporate world by preparing management graduates with global mindset.

We look forward to become one of the best Institutes in INDIA for higher studies in Management.

We follow the Philosophy of Control, Prioritize & Improvement. Our philosophy has been universally accepted and it not only remains in the academics but also in the Behaviour, Knowledge & day–to- day activities of NITMS & our privileged students.Today Management has become an integral part of human life. All the three factors have got many things to contribute in diversified field of management like sustainable motivation and leadership, communication, decision making, self development & development of an appropriate work culture.Our Philosophy aims at holistic development of the society, different organizations and individuals in particular based on sustainable principles.